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We’ve Got It All!”  The Rodini’s Sandwich menu offers something for everyone. Our delicious sandwich and salad creations appeal to people of all regions. Our loyal customers make up a “melting pot” of individuals looking for a tasty and quick alternative to fast food restaurants. Whether you prefer fresh baked white or granary sub rolls, wraps, bread cakes, home baked cheese & onion bread, we’ve got it covered. Over 90% of our sandwich fillings are prepared and made on the premises using local sourced ingredients. We offer gourmet sandwiches, subs and wraps made to order right in front of our guests, we’re not afraid to make alterations to our existing menu. Our Research and Development team “Supa & Matsi” are always looking to offer our guests the newest and tastiest sandwich ideas

We encourage any feed back and have a comments page where you can leave new ideas for sandwich fillings and just about anything else.

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